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Thanks to the VR technology support, a personal computer with high performance, and the technical assistance of qualified personnel, the visitor can at the same time have a gaming and professional experience, all the while customizing their spaces and getting real-time information on the size and characteristics of the product. For I Saloni Milan 2017 the company has created an entire 300 meters Chalet in virtual reality. Savio Firmino has decided to go beyond the types of interiors which often host Savio Firmino collections, such as villas and prestigious apartments, and dares to try particular field and specific interior design: the Chalet. Some of the virtual furniture available through the VR viewer was also present physically in the stand. The visitor can then appreciate the artisanal and technological details and simultaneously find a real Savio Firmino environment within a virtual Chalet. The experience, both recreational and professional, will be customizable in real-time through the independent choice of materials, colors and finishes. The content will in fact be fully interactive and will allow you to move from one room to another, modify finishes and fabrics, floor and wall coverings, as well as be allowing you to get real-time data on size, price and features of the products. The VR viewer removed, the visitor leaves the virtual Chalet to return to the reality of the Savio Firmino stand.